Copying Blackboard Courses for New Semesters

Copy IconYesterday I presented a (very poorly attended) webinar on the topic of copying course material from one Blackboard course site into another. Given that the Summer 2012 courses were just created last week, it seemed a timely enough topic… I hope that many faculty will be prepping their Summer courses prior to the end of the semester, rather than waiting until the eleventh hour before the next term begins, at any rate.

You can view the recording of the course copy webinar, or take a look at the archives of other webinars we’ve presented on this semester. But, just to hit the high points:

  1. The course copy tool has to be started from the course site containing the information you want to copy. In other words, go into the “old” course, and copy the material into the “new” course from there.
  2. The course copy tool is nested under Packages and Utilities on the Control Panel menu.
  3. If you want to copy over a test that is already deployed, you will need to copy both the content area containing the test deployment, AND the “Test, Surveys & Pools” check box lower down the page.
  4. If you check the box to copy over the Availability setting, then yes, whatever availability setting is set for the old course will be applied to the new course. If you copy that setting from an available course, it will make your new course immediately be available. (This may or may not be a problem, depending on how much “post copy manipulation” you need to do to your course content.)
  5. When you submit the course copy request, you will be told that you will receive an email when the course copy is done. Wait until you receive this email before trying to work with the content copying into the new course site. (Also, although I did not say this in the webinar, do NOT get impatient with the course copy and tell it to go again, because you WILL end up with duplicates of your content once both copies finish.)

As always, if instructors have problems with the course copy tool, please let the techs in Academic Technology know. Happy course copying!