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Blackboard: Tracking Student Access

Corporate logo for BlackboardThis semester we’ve received several calls asking “how can I find out if student [X] actually interacted with my Blackboard course between date [Y] and date [Z]?” My guess is that there is some sort of administrative concern, perhaps relating to dropping classes, which comes into play with those requests, since the dates all seemed to be just at the start of the term. Well, the answer is that, yes, there is a way.


I’ve recorded two processes in the video below, a simple “last accessed” look-up using the Performance Dashboard, and a more detailed look-up using the little known Course Reports function in Blackboard. For those faculty needing to answer that question about student [X]… this is your solution.



Please note that the report I used in that video was the Overall Summary of User Activity report; although other reports look like they may yield similar information, I can guarantee that the Overall Summary report works. Test I ran with other reports seemed to not give the details I expected, so I’d suggest you stick with what is known to work.


As always, if you have questions about your Palomar Blackboard courses, contact Academic Technology through our helpdesk system, and have a blast tracking student access of your courses!

2 comments on “Blackboard: Tracking Student Access

  1. Tracy on

    You can also see the “last day of access” on the gradesheet.

    Thanks for a nice training video, David!

    • David Gray on

      Yes, the Grade Center does show the last date students accessed the course. However it does only show the date, where the Performance Dashboard shows both the date and time. Likely that would not matter, but… personally I prefer more specific information when I can get it.

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