PowerPoint Quick Tips: Reuse Slides


You may want to insert a couple of slides from one presentation into another, here’s how.

Step 1: Open the target presentation, the one you want to insert slides into.

Step 2: on the Slide panel in normal view (thumbnails on the left of the screen) click between the existing slides where you want the inserted slides to go.  You will see a dark, horizontal line appear there between two existing slides (or after the final slide, if that is where you want the insertion to occur).

Step 3: Now on the Home tab click the drop-down beneath the New Slide command (i.e., click on the lower part of this icon):

New Slide icon

The slide layout gallery will appear.

Step 4:  At the bottom of it click Reuse Slides…

Reuse Slides

The Reuse Slides panel will open on the right of your screen.

Step 5:  Click the drop-down on the Browse button and select “Browse File…”  Do not select “Browse Slide Library…”  A Slide Library is something that can be created with Microsoft SharePoint services, which we do not have deployed at the college.

Browses Files

Step 6:  Browse to the PowerPoint presentation (the pptx file) which contains the slides you want to insert.  Either double click it, or click it once to select it in Windows Explorer and then click Open.  The presentation will open in thumbnail view in the Reuse Slides pane.

Step 7:  To insert a slide from the source presentation simply click it.  It will be inserted at the point where you placed the dark horizontal insertion point mentioned in step 2 above.

Step 8:  Repeat for as many slides as you wish to insert.  Remember to move the insertion point if you want to insert various slides in different places in the presentation.  Unfortunately you cannot select multiple slides and insert them in one operation, it is a one-at-a-time procedure.  Previous versions of PowerPoint allowed multiple insertions, but PowerPoint 2010 does not.

Important tip:  If the themes of the target and source presentations are different, and you want the source slides to assume the same theme as the target slides, be sure that the “Keep source formatting” box at the bottom of the Reuse Slides panel is NOT checked.

Keep Source Formatting

Conversely, if you want the inserted slides to retain their theme formatting, be sure this box IS checked.