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Blackboard: New Version Changes

Palomar’s Blackboard production environment is up again, after being offline for maintenance since 6 AM on Monday. The production system is now running Blackboard Learn version 9.1 Service Pack 8. Given that the original time estimate was for the upgrade to get done “before 5 PM on Thursday” I think it’s great that the system is back online by Tuesday evening. This version of the Blackboard system has been available since February (as detailed in “Take 8 Everybody”) on the BbSandbox environment where we showcase upcoming version of the Blackboard system.

Recently we’ve put the spotlight on several new functions now available in Blackboard:

There are, of course, other adjustments and changes to the system, but these are the most obvious, and the most likely to jump up in your face when using the system for the first time. (Quite literally, in the case of the Quick Setup Guide.)

In addition to these functional changes to the system, there are also some visual differences that you may notice, particularly the omission of the green Control Panel from within courses. (Mind, if you still want to make your screen offensive to the eye, feel free to adopt the Fuchsia course theme.) Even the system login page is a simpler, cleaner look now. We do still maintain the little badge at the left of the screen on the login page which, if lit up green, will allow students and faculty to start a live chat session with the ATRC technicians.

Copy IconBoth Summer and Fall 2012 terms loom on the horizon right now, so keep in mind that the Course Copy function remains the same now as ever; the key is to queue up the copy from within the OLD course, into the new and empty course site. And, as always, should you run into any problems or have any questions while using the Blackboard system, you can reach us by opening a support ticket at the ATRC Helpdesk.