How to Get the Latest Version of Windows Movie Maker


The latest version of Windows Movie Maker is part of a download package from Microsoft called Windows Essentials, formerly know as “Windows Live Essentials” and “Windows Live Essentials 2012.”  No one ever accused Microsoft of branding acumen.  In any event, to get Movie Maker you must go to the Windows Essentials download site and click the Download Now link.  There is no need to go to a specific page dedicated to Movie Maker because you MUST download and start the installer for the entire Windows Essentials suite of programs, which included Windows Messenger, Windows Writer (a blogging client), Windows Mail, Windows Family Safety, Microsoft SkyDrive, the Outlook Connector Pack, and a combination Windows Movie Maker and Photo Gallery install.  You cannot separate the install of Movie Maker and Photo Gallery, but must install them both, since they work in tandem.  The installer does, however, let you selectively install components, so you can deselect all but the Photo Gallery and Movie Maker components.  Just click on the “Choose the programs you want” during the installation process.

After you get them installed I recommend that you pin them to the start menu if you plan on using them frequently.  Just click the Start button, search on “Movie,” right-click the program and choose “Pin to Start Menu” (Windows 7).  If you are using Windows 8 and want it on your Start Screen, right-click the Start screen, choose All Apps, locate the Movie Maker app, right-click it and choose Add to Start Screen—or, if you are using touch, pull out the charms, search apps for Movie Maker, and add it in the same manner.

It is important to remember that this version of Movie Maker is for Windows 7 or 8 only.  If you are using Vista or XP there are older versions you can install.  Here is a screen video that illustrates the whole procedure.