Blackboard Profiles

One of the aspects of the next version of Blackboard (9.1 Service Pack 10, which will go live on production here at Palomar in early January) is the ability to list profile information about yourself, have it follow you between Blackboard environments, and show your profile with other users within Blackboard. The following video from Blackboard describes how and why students might get use from the Profile:


Of course Blackboard also provides a more stodgy “step-by-step” video describing how to create your profile within the system. Watch the Blackboard On Demand video “My Blackboard Profile” if you want, or just jump right in and try filling out your own profile. The process is simple enough, so head on over to the BbSandbox system and check it out. Bear in mind that the profile you fill out will follow you around, so what you fill in will be present on our production Blackboard system for you to use later in 2013. If you want to jump-start your profile with information you’ve already filled out, you can use the Twitter and Facebook import tools to pull over a personal description and image, or just fill in the blanks manually instead.

Over the coming months there will be an array of communication options from Blackboard that will hinge on your profile, and rest assured that you’ll see those options blogged here when they’re enabled at Palomar.