Change to ‘My Courses’ in Blackboard for Students

In addition to the all of the other changes to Blackboard now that we have upgraded to Blackboard 9.1 Service Pack 10, there is a change to the ‘My Courses’ module that may cause alarm for a few students.

Before the upgrade, courses that a student had enrolled in but had not been made available by the instructor would show up in the My Courses module as unavailable when the student logged in to Blackboard. Blackboard has removed that particular configuration option in Service Pack 10. Now, when a student has enrolled in a course and the instructor has not made the course available, the course will not appear in the My Courses module at all. There is no change to how the My Courses module will appear to instructors.

Students who have grown accustomed to seeing their unavailable courses in the My Courses module may be confused and wonder if there is a problem with their enrollment. Rest assured that the course will display as expected once it has been made available. It is recommended that students access the Palomar College eServices system to verify their enrollment information if they have any concerns.