Blackboard Thing of the Week – Course Themes

Have you ever looked at a Blackboard course, and rather than focusing on the careful arrangement of course menu entries, attached files, and array of communication tools, what you actually thought was “dang that thing is ugly”? Well if so, you might be pleased by the Thing this week.

I take a look at Course Themes, and how they may be accessed via the “Teaching Styles” link on the Customization portion of the Control Panel, or through the “swatch” menu up near the Edit mode switch. Changing up the course theme can be a good way to make your course site stand out, so that your students can’t get confused as to which of their courses they are currently working in. (Yes, I’ve heard students claim that the name of the course in the upper left corner isn’t sufficient to keep track of which course they are in. No, I didn’t think it sounded true either.) Just keep in mind that your students may spend a good deal of time staring at whatever color choice you make, so try to avoid the more garish of the course themes.