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Blackboard Thing of the Week – Blank Page

In the past I have referred to the “Item” as the most basic building block of content within a Blackboard course. That’s certainly true (and if you want to only master ONE content type, the Item is certainly where to focus your energy), but a content area can start looking a bit crowded with half-a-dozen or more Items all in a list. That’s particularly true if you are placing more than about two paragraphs of text on each item – the “wall of text” effect kicks in fairly quickly.

One strategy is to use Content Folders, to break up the massive list of items. Certainly folders work well when they are to contain a whole list of content, but I’ve always thought a folder holding just one item looks a bit funny.

Enter the “Blank Page”.

As you can see in the video, a Blank Page gives you the function of a folder holding an item, without the extra effort of creating two different pieces of content. Can you think of anywhere in your own course where you might simplify things through use of the Blank Page?

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