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Blackboard Thing of the Week – Multiple Test Attempts

Blackboard’s testing tool has an option to allow multiple test attempts, either unlimited attempts or up to a specified number of attempts. This means that once a student has taken the test a first time, they will  have the opportunity to go back, click the test link again, and try another time. However, a goodly amount of the time, students do not correctly navigate into the test for their second attempt, but instead end up in a frustrating look of viewing the test, saying to Begin the test, and looking at their results from the first attempt.

The trick, as much as their is one, is to read the actual text on the screen. When a student clicks the Begin button to take a test for a subsequent time, there is a big obvious OK button over in the lower right corner of the screen. That button will take the student to see their last test attempt, thus they should NOT click that button. (Now, the text on the screen does clearly state this, but judging from the number of times this has been a problem people don’t actually read the text.) In that same paragraph of instructional text is a link which says “take the Test again.”

Let me be as clear as I can: To take the Test again, click the text that says “take the Test again.”

To be doubly clear, I’ve produced a video demonstrating exactly what this process is like, so feel free to review it and judge the process to “take the Test again” for yourself.

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