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Blackboard Thing of the Week – Adaptive Release via Review Status

Is there anything in your Blackboard course that you really don’t want students to have until after they’ve read something else already in the course? In that case, let me introduce you to my two friends Adaptive Release and Review Status.

Review Status is a simple control that can be enabled on any piece of content within one of your content areas, which offers students a button to click to indicate they have reviewed that content. Think of it as a “yes, I did that” button, which could be used by itself to let students check things off as they work through your list of content. The entries a student marks as having reviewed will also show up for the instructor through the Performance Dashboard, so letting students use that Review Status control can even act as a way to monitor student progress.

To give the Review Status control some teeth, it is possible to leverage that button as a trigger for an Adaptive Release rule. If you aren’t already aware, Adaptive Release is the control within Blackboard that allows content be be conditionally available to students. In this example we would make the condition be “has marked something as Reviewed”, although there are many other ways to set up criteria using Adaptive Release. (If this idea interests you, perhaps you would want to contact us in Blackboard support; we can meet with you, and set up all sorts of Adaptive Release rules on your content.)

In the case illustrated in the below video, students will end up only seeing the second piece of content after they have marked the first piece as having been reviewed:

So hopefully this has spawned some ideas on where you might want to use Review Status, either on its own or in conjunction with an Adaptive Release rule. Give it a shot, and if you run into trouble, just contact your friendly support techs!