Backup/Move A Camtasia Project


As you build a Camtasia project, you may import resources stored in various places on your file system, including different formats of video files, graphics, audio files, and so on.  You will also make many edits, adding callouts, zoom-and-pan features, animations and the like.  When you save your project as a camproj file pointers to all these resources and the location and details of all your edits will be saved in the file, so you simply need to double-click the camproj file later and it will invoke the Camtasia Studio editor with your project laid out just as you left it.  At some point, however, you are going to need to move the project.  Say you want to work on it at home, or in another computer lab.  That’s where exporting as a zip file comes in.

With your project open in Camtasia Studio click File and select “Export project as zip…”

Export As Zip

An Export Project dialog box will appear.  Navigate to where you want to save the zip file, be sure the “Include all files from Clip Bin in zip” box is selected, and click OK.

Include Files Dialog

The save process will take some time if you have a multi-resource project.  In time the file will be saved, and it will include a correctly referenced camproj file of its own.  Now you can move your project to another computer without fearing the loss of resources and edits.  Even if you are not moving to another computer, this is a valuable way to make a backup of your project, to guard against inadvertant resource losses as you later do “housekeeping” on your computer.  Many is the time that I have deleted files in obscure folders from long forgotten projects, only to discover later that I actually needed that file.

To open the backed up project on another computer, simply reverse the procedure.  Open Camtasia Studio, click on the File menu, and select “Import zipped project…”

Import zipped project

It takes a goodly amount of time, but will open the project just as it was.

Alternately, you can extract the files from your zip file and double-click on its camproj file.  Camtasia Studio will be invoked and, in time, will open your project, ready for further editing or re-production and/or re-purposing.