Blackboard Thing of the Week – Sign-up for Content

Have you ever had content that you want students to opt-in to receive, but you don’t want students able to opt-out of as the Review Status tool allows? Naturally the Adaptive Release tool will be the key to making Blackboard show the content, but what criteria could allow students to opt-in without being able to reverse the process?


But not just any old Group type; I’m talking specifically about Sign-up Only groups, in which students may sign up to include their name on the group list (so that YOU don’t have to assign them to the group). Then all you would need to do is set an Adaptive Release rule on your content, and allow students in that group to view the materials.

The specific example I use in the below video refers to a field trip and accompanying permission form, but this could easily apply to homework review, office hours, just about any situation where students will indicate they wish to be included. Take a look at how easy this whole process really can be: