Blackboard Thing of the Week: Zen and the Art of Course Copy

This week I’d like to draw some attention to the Course Copy tool within Blackboard. True, y’all are pretty familiar with using that tool to duplicate materials into a new semester course, but there are some nuances to the course copy settings that you may be unaware of.

CP_CourseCopyFirst off, recall that you do want to start a course copy from the course with the material. In terms of “getting next semester ready” that means go into the OLD course. Under Packages & Utilities on the Control Panel you can go to the Course Copy tool. Here at Palomar we only allow one type of course copy “to an Existing Course”, since we make empty course shells for each class students can enroll in.


Bear in mind that Course Copy is not the appropriate tool for duplicating individual items or folders of content. At the very least a Course Copy will get whole content areas of material; if you’re looking for a finer granularity of copy function, consider the Copy option available on the context menu of nearly every item or folder in your course. (There are a few things, such as Test links, that do not have the Copy option, but by and large it’s present.)

There’s also a bit of a trick to getting Test links and Assignments to copy. It’s not enough to just check the box for the content area that contains the link. To get a test to copy, obviously you need to check for Tests, Surveys & Pools. And to have both test links and Assignments copy you need to check the box for Grade Center Columns and Settings, too. (Don’t ask why. Just accept it, okay?)