Send to Kindle


Too busy to read this (or any other ATRC blog post) now?  Own a Kindle or use a Kindle reading app?  We’ve got you covered.

Even regular readers of our blog may be forgiven for not noticing, but it is now possible to send our blog posts directly to your Kindle or Kindle reading app.  This is Amazon’s answer to those read-it-later services like Instapaper, Pocket and Readability.  Just click the little Send to Kindle button at the bottom of any blog post, and whoosh, off it goes.

Send to Kindle Button
Sample button, look below for the real one

Actually, the first time you click it you will be prompted to login to your Amazon account.  You will not be challenged on future clicks on the same computer, but be careful if you have multiple accounts.  The WordPress plugin will use your currently logged in status to determine which Kindle (or set of Kindle) apps to send the document to.

If you have multiple Kindle devices/apps (and who doesn’t) you can choose to sent to any/all of them by clicking the Change Settings button.

Send Dialog

You will then get a selection list of the devices associated with your current Amazon login:

Deliver To

Select any or all, and note the Archive check box.  If not checked, the document will be sent to the Device area of your library, and not archived, so that when it is removed it will be permanently removed, rather than continuing to exist in the Cloud storage area.  For transitory things like blog posts this is ideal, and thoughtful on the part of the Amazon developers to provide the option.

After you select the devices/apps you want to send the blog post to, just click the Send button and off to the cloud it goes, to be distributed via (in this case) WiFi to your various devices.

Formatting on the device/app itself will vary a bit—for instance, all graphics are centered and not justified as within a blog post, and embedded videos will not play, of course—but for those who like to do their read-it-later reading on the Kindle it is great.