PowerPoint 2013: Startup Customizations and the Default Theme


If you just don’t like the new Start Screen in PowerPoint 2013, and long for the days when PowerPoint started up with a plain, blank presentation there are a couple of things you can do about it.

1.  When you start PowerPoint 2013 and see the start screen, simply press escape and normal view will appear with a blank presentation loaded, just like the old days.  (The blank presentation is based on the minimalist default theme called Office).

2.  If you are one of those people who hates extra keystrokes you can change PowerPoint’s behavior permanently by clicking the File Tab, choosing Options, and in the General area deselecting the checkbox that says “Show the Start screen when this applications starts.”

Show Start Screen Option

3.  If you want to do away with the start screen, but find that instead of the Office theme for blank presentations you want a different default them, go to the Design tab, click the theme gallery drop-down, right-click the theme you want, and choose “Set as default theme.”

Set Default Theme

If you have set your program option to not start with the Start Screen, and chosen a default theme, PowerPoint 2013 will start up with a blank presentation using your default theme each time.

Here is a quick video that demonstrates the procedures just discussed.