Blackboard Thing of the Week: Discussion Board Course Copy Controls

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No, the Blackboard Thing of the Week was not abandoned, I just went on vacation for a long time! I’m back now, and finding out some interesting aspects in the new version of Blackboard (9.1 Service Pack 12, for any version number fans out there). One such has to do with the Course Copy tool… but in a good way.

Our history of the Course Copy tool here at Palomar is a rocky one; semesters have gone by where we needed to have the whole tool disabled because it did not work properly, but still this is the primary way in which content is copied forward into new semester course sites. A question that keeps coming up for faculty about to copy a course is “what do I get if I copy the Discussion Boards?”

The confusion about this aspect of Course Copy is because nobody really knows what to expect. Will the new forums contain all their posts from the old course? If so, will they have student names attached, or be listed as Anonymous? If not, will the forums be blank, or will instructor-created posts be copied across to the new forums?

This confusion should be a thing of the past, with the advent of actual controls built into the Course Copy tool which spell out the available choices.


As you can see from the image above, instructors now get to choose between copying forums with no posts at all, or with first-level posts (not replies) which are set to be anonymous. No confusion, just pick which behavior you want and submit your course copy. When it’s done, just hop into the destination course enjoy!