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Blackboard Thing of the Week – Smart Views in the Grade Center

Have you ever been just sick to death of scrolling around within the Grade Center? Sometimes I have a need to see only particular students in the Grade Center, and even only particular grade entries for those students, and it can be frustrating to scroll back and forth to check on those specifics and ignore the rest.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just tell the Blackboard course to show you only what you need to see, and not bother with the rest? Yes, yes it is nice.

The tool in question is called a Smart View, in which you can set up a filter so that the Grade Center will only show content based around some criteria. In this example shown in the video below, I ratchet things down to three specific students and only three columns from the larger grade grid. Also, to facilitate maximum laziness on my part, I link that Smart View so that I can get to it directly from the Control Panel, thus don’t need to visit the full grade grid as often.

And, should you not be quite sure how to get a particular effect in your Smart View… maybe we can help. Feel free to open a ticket in our helpdesk and describe what you’re trying to accomplish (or just ask to set up an appointment and we can meet with you in person).