PowerPoint 2013: Pasting Text on a Slide from a Text Source


In this post I will describe how to paste text from any text source onto a PowerPoint slide.  Text added in this fashion will not appear in Outline View.

If you want to bypass the Text Box tool altogether, you can simply paste text onto a slide from Word, or any other text source.  In fact, if a source document will let you copy to the Windows clipboard, PowerPoint will let you paste the text in.  There is a caveat about formatting, however, and a couple of tricks that might assist with this process.

The caveat:  be sure to paste in using the Paste Options tools and selecting “Keep Text Only” in order to clear the formatting from the pasted text.  This is especially important when pasting from a web page that may have all sorts of hidden html in the text string.  Keep Text Only strips away the formatting code and pastes in just the text.

After copying your source text, right-click on the slide on which you wish to copy it and select Keep Text Only from the Paste Options.  (These options can also be found on the drop-down beneath the Ribbon Paste tool on the Home tab).

Keep Text Only Paste

Once pasted, the text will exist in its own container, which acts like any text box container.  Clicking the dashed border will turn the border solid, and then any formatting command you apply will affect the entire contents of the container.

If you have a specific area on the slide where you want to paste the text, click the Text Box tool and draw a container for the text, then paste it in using the Keep Text Only option.  The text will fill the box, and the box will expand downward if the text will not fit, but it will maintain its width.

Finally, if you are pasting formatted text from, say a Word document, and simply use Ctrl-V to paste it into a container on a slide, click the border of the container so that it is solid, and then press Ctrl-spacebar to clear the formatting.  This will not clear line breaks, hard or soft, but will clear most other formatting.

The following video demonstrates these techniques and tips.