Blackboard Grade Center Icons

Blackboard logo

As I write this post, the latest Blackboard upgrade here at Palomar is still in progress. So the next time you hop into the Blackboard system, you’ll just head into a Grade Center and see all the familiar icons like the green exclamation point that means Needs Grading, right?


Several icons in the new version of the Grade Center appear very different now. (The Grade Center itself isn’t significantly changed, but the look is different with these new icons.) So be warned, you’ll likely have a few jarring “what is THAT?” moments for a while during visits to the grade grid.

SP12 Grade Center Icon Legend

Naturally you can always bring up the Icon Legend by hitting the button at the lower right corner of the Grade Center screen, but here’s the ones likely to matter:

  • Needs Grading is now a yellow circle with the old familiar white exclamation point.
  • Attempt in Progress, which used to be simply “In Progress” with the paper being written, is now a blue circle/pie chart thing. I assume it’s meant to represent a countdown clock.
  • Grade Exempted for this User used to be blue hash marks across the whole grade cell, but is now a grey hash mark icon.

The remainder of the icons are either the same as always, or are used infrequently enough that I don’t think they matter. (Has anybody ever actually SEEN the Error icon show up in the Grade Center? If so, let me know.) And, as always, if you run into any problems using the system, let us know via our helpdesk system.