PowerPoint 2013: Bullets


I’m not one to encourage the use of bulleted items, but let’s face it, many PowerPoint presentations are nothing but slide after slide of bulleted items.  If, therefore, you are faced with the task of changing the bullet style on some or all slides in a presentation, here’s how.  (Remember, if you make this change on the Slide Master it will automatically change all bullets on all slides in your presentation.  If you make it in normal view, it will only affect the slide on which you are working).

If you wish to change the style on one on a single slide, select the text of all of the items, right-click your selection, hover over Bullets on the context menu and, if you want to use one of the standard, presets on the fold-out menu, click it.

Bullet Dialog Option

If you want another bullet style, click Bullets and Numbering…  Here is the resulting dialog box.

Bullets Dialog Box

Note that you can change the size, relative to your presentation’s text size, and change the color of whatever bullet you choose.  Picture… allows you to search your file system, office.com, bing, or your skydrive for a pre-saved bullet.  Using picture bullets is usually not a good idea because they can sometimes cause spacing problems.  Finally, Customize… brings up a symbol selection dialog.  Change to the font set from which you wish to choose, and choose the character you want to be the new bullet style.

Symbol Dialog Box

If you wish to change the bullet style for your entire presentation, and not just on a single slide, follow the procedure outlined above on the Slide Master (View < Slide Master).

Here is a brief video that shows how.