PowerPoint 2013: Slide Layouts


Before moving on to consider adding pictures and other graphics to slides, I would like to touch on a couple of basic concepts that I have not posted on before.  In this post I will review slide layouts.

Slide layouts are slides that have positioning placeholders on them that you can use to add content.  They may also contain content placeholders.  The number of layouts in your presentation will vary depending on the design theme you have chosen.  Some have as few as 11 (The Office them, for example) and some have as many as 17 (the Main Event theme).  You can also create custom slide layouts of your own—but that is a topic for a later post.  For now, just know that the slide layouts from which you are able to choose are based on the layout masters that you can see through Slide Master view, and can be modified there.

Layout Masters

There are three simple ways to change a slide from one layout to another:

1.  Select the slide and use the layout command on the Home tab:

Layout Tool

2.  Right-click the slide in the edit pane (outside any placeholder), hover over Layout, and select a new layout:

Layout Context Menu Edit Slide

3.  Right-click the slide thumbnail, hover over Layout, and select a new layout:

Thumbnail Context Menu

Here is a quick demo video: