Blackboard Thing of the Week: Test Activity Log

Ever wish you could tell what is actually going on during a student test attempt in Blackboard? Would you like to know if your students actually backtrack through your test, to correct problems, or just bull straight through and hit Submit? Well… now you can know.

New with service pack 13 of Blackboard (which goes live on Palomar’s production Blackboard environment during the maintenance window of August 1st through 4th) you gain the ability to view Access Logs for test attempts. To see these, all you do is click the Access Log button in the Test Information area of a student test submission.

Test Access Log

Mind, interpreting the logs may be a bit tricky, at least at first. I’m not claiming that we in tech support are log analysis experts, but if you examine these logs and feel unclear on them, please get in touch. We may be of assistance in understanding what the logs are truly telling you.

To see this in action, take a look at the following video: