Moving Faculty Content Into the New Blackboard System


As you may have heard, starting with this Summer term Palomar College is changing our Blackboard environment from one hosted on the San Marcos campus to one hosted by Blackboard Managed Hosting. In an earlier post I tried to address faculty questions about this change, but the largest impact to faculty will be when trying to move course content from an older course into a course on the new Blackboard environment.

Anyone around back in Fall 2009 may recall the big move from Bb version 8 to 9; that was a similar shift between one environment and another, although then both environments were hosted here on campus. The process faculty will need to follow can be summed up as:

  1. Export content from old course.
  2. Save export file to computer.
  3. Import content to new course.

Of course that short version isn’t a whole lot of help. Academic Technology has¬†prepared a PDF document¬†giving the steps to follow in painful detail; feel free to print out those instructions and have them sitting by your workstation when the time comes to move your content. If you’d like to see the process in detail before trying it on your own, these demonstration videos will show the export and import processes:

If all this seems overwhelming, do not despair. Academic Technology is offering several “Blackboard Moving Day” drop-in events specifically to help faculty with this migration process, which can be found listed on our training website. Should those times and days not fit your schedule, you can always contact us via our helpdesk to request a one-on-one meeting. Just list some days and times that would work for you, and our Blackboard support techs can meet with you either in our Faculty Technology Center in room LL-111, or elsewhere on campus.