Blackboard Offline August 11

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As previously noted, Palomar’s Blackboard system is going through some software upgrades and system tuning on Monday, August 11, 2014. The plan is for the system to go offline starting at 12:30 AM Pacific time, and have the system back online before 4:30 PM Pacific time.

Should there be any news-worthy events during the upgrade process, I’ll be editing this blog post. So check back during the day on Monday, if you’re the obsessive type who wants to keep informed on the Blackboard system progress.

UPDATE: Posted 10:40 AM 8/11/2014

The Blackboard system has been offline since 12:31 AM, and significant process has been made. However the system remains offline, although we remain on track to complete prior to 4:30 PM.

COMPLETE: Posted 11:02 AM 8/11/2014

In record time, the Blackboard upgrade is complete. The system is back online, and may be used normally now.

3 thoughts on “Blackboard Offline August 11

    1. Actually it is, but I suspect your browser cache is showing you the old out-of-service message from yesterday. (We’ve had a few reports of this in support recently, all to date from Firefox and Chrome users.) If you force a page refresh, or manually dump your cache and reload the page, I believe you will end up seeing the login page properly. If that truly doesn’t solve things, please let us know via the ATRC helpdesk system at .

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