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The iPad in Education: The Professor’s Perspective

In my last post I discussed some of the ways Apple’s iPad is being used in education – from the student’s perspective. Here, I would like to consider the same issue from the instructor’s perspective: How helpful really, is an iPad, for a classroom instructor? In one of the better studies of the usefulness of the iPad for classroom teaching – The Reed College iPad Study – the college faculty participants found the iPad to be very useful: “In addition to its usefulness in preparing for class and responding to students’ written work, the iPad proved to be...
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Educational Uses for the iPad? The Student Perspective.

Apple’s iPad, and now iPad 2, have been enormous commercial successes by all reports but can iPads be used effectively in education? While this is still an open question, some initial reports seem to suggest the answer is: Yes. This blog post will address mainly the students’ reactions to using iPads instead of textbooks. The next blog post will report on the professors’ reactions. A number of colleges and universities are experimenting with using iPads to promote teaching and learning objectives. Seton Hall University, for example, gave iPads to all full-time students to see if the...
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Good Teaching – What Do Students Say?

Palomar College is certainly not alone in devoting time and resources to document the variables involved in effective teaching and learning. Instructors are being asked to include student learning outcomes (SLOs) on all class syllabi. We have a Learning Outcomes Council (LOC) as well as a Palomar Outcomes Database (POD).  This issue of learning outcomes and how best to promote them was the topic of a number of studies presented and discussed at the 2010 Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning. While some have argued that students are not effective judges of what teacher variables promote...
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Group Exams: A Teaching Strategy?

This blog post isn’t about teaching online. It also isn’t about using technology. However, I came across a report about an intriguing strategy designed to engage students and promote learning in a way I hadn’t considered and I wondered what other educators thought of the idea. Many instructors want to stimulate students to collaborate with each other and suggest that students form study groups, share notes, study together for tests. While students sometimes see the merit in doing those things, unless the instructor explicitly rewards this behavior, it rarely occurs. A recent Faculty...
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Teaching With Technology

A few months ago I took an online class called Social Media that focused on using Web 2.0 tools for education. One of the most potentially useful and impressive tools we used in the class was something called Voice Thread. In a future blog post I’ll describe how I’m using it in my online class but here I want to just explain what it is and then show a more interesting example of the tool than my own. Imagine sitting with a group of students while you project a Power Point slide or perhaps a short video clip. Further imagine that, while you are all watching (or looking at) the media, anyone...
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