Academic Technology @ Palomar College

Faculty Information

Account Information

Faculty have two accounts on the Blackboard system. The most commonly used is the instructor account, which allows control over your course sites. There is also a student account, which is enrolled as a student in each of your Blackboard courses, so that you may try out things from a true “student point-of-view.”

Instructor Account Information

Your Blackboard instructor account information is similar to what you use to access your Palomar email account. Your username is the prefix of your email address, which is typically your first initial and last name. Your password should match what you use to access your Palomar email. If you are unaware of what the username and password for your Palomar email account are, you will need to contact the Information Services Helpdesk at 760-744-1150 X2140 to find out that information. The same Information Services Helpdesk can assist you in changing the password for that account, as well.

Student Account Information

Your Blackboard student account information is the same as what you use for the eServices enrollment system. Your username is the whole nine-digit Palomar employee ID number (including any leading zeros), and your password should match what is set in eServices. If you are unable to log into Blackboard with this information, this problem can typically be fixed by updating your password in the eServices system. Once you have updated your eServices password, wait about half a minute then try to log into Blackboard again.

Training Materials

Palomar’s Blackboard system is administered and supported by the Academic Technology department. We offer training workshops on using Blackboard, and our current offerings may be found online at . In addition to workshops, there are many videos and instructional documents available on our Teaching with Blackboard website. If all else fails, or if you just really want to consult with a technician about what you want to accomplish in Blackboard, please use our help system at to Submit a Ticket or phone us at 760-744-1150 X2862.


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