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From 35mm slide to digital

Remember 35 millimeter slides? Yeah, me neither. No, really, although most of us don’t have occasion to use slide projectors any more, there are still boxes and carousels of slides floating around out there. Occasionally we in Academic Technology are asked “is there some way to have my slides scanned?” Yes, yes there is. Meet the ImageLab slide scanner. As you can see demonstrated in the video below, this little device makes it easy to digitize any 35 millimeter slides or negatives you have lying around. The scanner outputs JPG files, so there’s no fuss about using non-standard...
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Windows Live Movie Maker: Burn a DVD

Returning to our long running Windows Live Movie Maker series (these posts and corresponding screen videos will be gathered into an online, self-paced workshop for next semester) here is the final in the series, how to burn a DVD from your Windows Live Movie Maker project. Windows DVD maker comes with Windows 7 Home Premium, Ultimate and Enterprise editions and can be invoked from within Windows Live Movie Maker.  After performing your edits, adding title and credit screens, text overlays, background music, transitions and video effects—in short, after completing your Windows Live Movie Maker project...
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Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Speckled Band

Holmes:  I suppose that you could not possibly whistle, yourself, in your sleep? Miss Stoner:  Certainly not.  But why? … Watson:  My God, I whispered; did you see it? Holmes: That is the baboon. Tap to start; swipe to turn pages; tap to start/stop audio; double tab to sync your reading position with audio; adjust your audio layer volumes; tap to adjust your reading speed…  Ingenious, Watson. Finally, a Holmes rendition worthy of Holmes.  “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” on the iPad by Booktrack: “Booktrack represents a new chapter in the evolution of...
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Fly the Friendly Classroom – Imation Wireless Video Extender

I’m just barely old enough to recall that sound through the speakers of an airplane: “*Ding* You are now free to move about the cabin.” It was never fun to know that I had to stay in one place, even if there wasn’t really any better place to be; sometimes I just wanted to know I could move around. (Of course, nowadays you’re discouraged from ever getting up unless you have to. Grumble grumble, get off my lawn.) I feel the same way when I’m projecting my computer screen through a data projector. I want to move around, but the keyboard and mouse tie me down to the...
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Logitech C310 HD Webcam

If you teach an online class, you may want to include a welcome video for your students.  You may also decide that brief videos explaining assignments, telling students what to look for in readings, showing artifacts, explaining difficult concepts, or just being present to them are all things you would like to include in your Blackboard course shell.  If so, you need a webcam to make the videos.  We recommend the Logitech C310 HD webcam as a good, inexpensive camera that has all the features you would need.  As I say, they are inexpensive ($34 at Amazon), but if you would like to try one out before...
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