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Online Cheating

With final exams coming up soon I want to return to a topic that virtually all online instructors struggle with: how to provide fair, convenient, comprehensive tests to online students. Academic cheating has always existed of course and some reports suggest that the extent and scope of the problem has increased over the last few decades. Kitahura and Westfall (2007) provide these data: a 1999 survey – over 75% of college students “admitted to some form of cheating;” a 2002 survey – 74% of high school students admitted to cheating; a 2003 national survey – 41% of students...
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Getting To Know Students

Many professors make an effort to get to know their students Рat least as many of them as they can. Educational research supports this effort as many studies have found that developing a personal connection with the course instructor is more influential to student success than a class with great content but a remote or unapproachable instructor. And when students rave about a wonderful class they took, they are almost always talking about the instructor more than the content. While many techniques exist to help on-campus instructors get to know their students, it is a little more difficult with...
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Student Homepages in Blackboard

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