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Commencement Day

Today is the last day of our spring 2011 semester, and also commencement day.  Just as the day marks the commencement of our students’ ongoing career and educational journeys, so it marks ours in continuing to support technology enhanced education at Palomar College. This semester has seen many changes in our systems, both technically, referring to back-end configuration and hardware platforms, and in terms of user interfaces.  The changes have all been for the better and have been implemented successfully.  We made a major change in the Blackboard system beginning this semester.  We adopted...
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I Can’t See It

In handling the hundreds of help requests concomitant to rolling out a new version of Blackboard and beginning a new semester, a typical sub-thread running through the support requests is “I can’t see the documents, or discussion post, or content area…” There may be several reasons.  Let’s take them in order of importance, items 1 & 2 from the student perspective, 3 & 4 from the instructor’s perspective. 1.  I can’t get into Blackboard at all, and my teacher has emailed me saying I have to… Those who cannot login at all must set a new password in...
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Tech Camp Agenda

We will be conducting our annual summer tech camp August 3-6.  Don’t bother signing up because it is fully subscribed.  (Sorry).  It is still over 5 weeks away, but I thought I would review the tentative agenda we have pretty much agreed on so that attendees, and perhaps those planning similar events at other schools, will have some insight into what we are doing. Our inspiration for tech camp this year is the TED talks concept.  If you are not familiar with, rush to that web site without delay to be exposed to the best and brightest people in the world in the fields of technology,...
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A Paperless Environment

While conducting faculty/staff interviews over the last few weeks in anticipation of an updated Technology Master Plan at our college, we asked users the following question: Would you support a goal of creating a paperless environment at Palomar College, if it meant that you would not have access to printers and would have to rely on electronic versions of all documents? The answers ranged from an enthusiastic “Absolutely” from those who recognized the value of conservation, green initiatives, and return on tech investments already made, to an equally enthusiastic–one might almost...
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Tech Planning at Palomar College – AT Techs Part 2

This is a continuation of my interview with the Academic Technology Systems Administrators about technology planning at Palomar College.  In this part we focus on some rubber meets the road issues like paperless environments, AV technologies, telephony, and lots of other issues.  The written response of the technicians is provided in the post below, and the audio of an interview with them follows the post. Additional Questions for ATRC Staff 1.  Would you support a goal of creating a paperless environment at Palomar College, if it meant that you would not have access to printers and would have to rely...
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