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From 35mm slide to digital

Remember 35 millimeter slides? Yeah, me neither. No, really, although most of us don’t have occasion to use slide projectors any more, there are still boxes and carousels of slides floating around out there. Occasionally we in Academic Technology are asked “is there some way to have my slides scanned?” Yes, yes there is. Meet the ImageLab slide scanner. As you can see demonstrated in the video below, this little device makes it easy to digitize any 35 millimeter slides or negatives you have lying around. The scanner outputs JPG files, so there’s no fuss about using non-standard...
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Fly the Friendly Classroom – Imation Wireless Video Extender

I’m just barely old enough to recall that sound through the speakers of an airplane: “*Ding* You are now free to move about the cabin.” It was never fun to know that I had to stay in one place, even if there wasn’t really any better place to be; sometimes I just wanted to know I could move around. (Of course, nowadays you’re discouraged from ever getting up unless you have to. Grumble grumble, get off my lawn.) I feel the same way when I’m projecting my computer screen through a data projector. I want to move around, but the keyboard and mouse tie me down to the...
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HHMI Holiday Lectures

One of the great educational treats at holiday time is the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s holiday lecture series.  This year will mark the 18th annual presentation, titled “Viral Outbreak: The Science of Emerging Disease.”  There will be four lectures, two each delivered by Dr. Joseph L. DeRisi and Dr. Eva Harris: “Infectious diseases are a serious threat to world health. They are particularly devastating in tropical countries where infectious agents thrive and where healthcare resources are stretched thin. The warming trend in the global climate, coupled with increased...
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A Paperless Environment

While conducting faculty/staff interviews over the last few weeks in anticipation of an updated Technology Master Plan at our college, we asked users the following question: Would you support a goal of creating a paperless environment at Palomar College, if it meant that you would not have access to printers and would have to rely on electronic versions of all documents? The answers ranged from an enthusiastic “Absolutely” from those who recognized the value of conservation, green initiatives, and return on tech investments already made, to an equally enthusiastic–one might almost...
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Mary Cassoni: A Flip Video Project

Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing Mary Cassoni, one of the outstanding faculty members at Palomar College, who discussed her use of Flip video cameras in her Business 150, Advertising, class.  I have included the audio of the interview below, and it will become part of this month’s “roll-up” podcast (due out tomorrow, Feb. 26). Briefly, Mary checked out 9 of the Flip video cameras from Academic Technology (we have a total of 10 for faculty check out).  She then gave one to each small group in her class and asked them to create their own 30-60 second video ad, including the...
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