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Last night my colleagues and I presented our semi-annual plenary break out on Academic Technology at Palomar College. It was well attended, but necessarily by only a small percentage of the enormous number of adjunct professors employed by the college. As a reference for those who did not attend, here is an encapsulated version. We conducted our workshop using the sandbox AT@PC workshop course we had developed. Each professor at Palomar College has an account on our sandbox system. We set the course up for self-enrollment through the Academic Technology Training course, also on the sandbox system. One...
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Why don’t my videos play?

This one is very specifically for Palomar College professors and staff. At long, long last we have turned off our original streaming media server named “Venus” ( – named in the days when we knew all of our servers personally).  Over a year ago we elected to adopt a new streaming media solution based on Silverlight and Microsoft’s smoothstream technology.  We began announcing that we were making the long, slow transition at that time (actually about 14 months ago) and have been re-encoding media ever since.  It has been a slog, because there is a lot of it and...
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Calling All Videos

Time is running out on our old video server, the one we fondly know as “Venus.”  Beginning January 1 this year we began the conversion to a new set of streaming servers, known, more prosaically as “Streaming.”  Converting to a new server platform is not big news, however.  The big news is we have been in the midst of converting all the streaming media we deliver for instructional pusposes to a new Silverlight platform.  As part of the process, we are getting it all captioned for the web as well, which adds to the time it takes to encode it, but also adds educational value to...
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Tech Camp Agenda

We will be conducting our annual summer tech camp August 3-6.  Don’t bother signing up because it is fully subscribed.  (Sorry).  It is still over 5 weeks away, but I thought I would review the tentative agenda we have pretty much agreed on so that attendees, and perhaps those planning similar events at other schools, will have some insight into what we are doing. Our inspiration for tech camp this year is the TED talks concept.  If you are not familiar with, rush to that web site without delay to be exposed to the best and brightest people in the world in the fields of technology,...
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David Blaine: How I held my breath for 17 min | Video on

TED is one of the premiere web sites with quality video content ideal for stimulating student discussion and inspiration.  Today the producers of TED (Technology-Entertainment-Design) announced a new partnership with TEDMED–the same idea as TED with medical and health-related content.  For a sample, watch this incredible (and touchingly personal) video with magician David Blaine. [vodpod...
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