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Training Schedule, Fall 2012

We have published our Academic Technology training schedule for fall 2012 on our web site.  For those of you who want to plan your Professional Development for the fall semester, here is the rundown. Workshop Descriptions A description of in-person and online workshops is given below. A tabular schedule of in-person person and webinars can be found on the web at A. In-Person Workshops Workshops to be presented in fall 2012 Part-Time Pre-Plenary and Plenary Activities Blackboard Essentials Facilitated by: David Gray Date: Thursday, August 16...
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Academic Technology Training for Spring 2012

It’s finals week already.  Seems like we were just doing the plenary activities for fall 2011, but the semester is nearly over.  Before faculty members depart for the winter break, however, we like to publicize the training that we will be providing during the coming semester.  It will be broader, and offered in more modalities, than ever before.  We will offer training in the following ways: In-person, instructor facilitated workshops Beginning with pre-plenary activities, and extending through the end of April, 2012 we will offer a wide range of 2-hour  workshops, summarized below: Blackboard...
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Blackboard Training DVD

If you do not have time to attend our in-person training, or come in to meet with the Blackboard techs, you can still get excellent beginning Blackboard training by checking out a training DVD “Blackboard 9.x Essential Training for Instructors” from the library. Academic Technology has placed 2 copies of the DVD for faculty/staff only checkout behind the circulation desk on the 2nd floor of the San Marcos campus library.  The DVD contains 6.5 hours of video instruction, produced in an easy-to-follow, screen video format.  Copies circulate for 1 week with a 1 week renewal. Here is...
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Blackboard with Cream and Sugar

Our Blackboard with Cream and Sugar sessions are returning for the fall semester.  The Blackboard techs, Dave, Shay and Chris, would like to invite you to coffee (or tea) each Wednesday morning from 7:30AM to 10:30AM beginning August 17. August 17? Yes.  We know its early, but never too early to begin preparing for the fall semester.  Many of you will have questions related to copying your course materials from your spring 2011 Blackboard courses to the fall 2011 course shells.  The techs will be available to answer any/all questions.  We will even address non-Blackboard issues, so if you have...
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Commencement Day

Today is the last day of our spring 2011 semester, and also commencement day.  Just as the day marks the commencement of our students’ ongoing career and educational journeys, so it marks ours in continuing to support technology enhanced education at Palomar College. This semester has seen many changes in our systems, both technically, referring to back-end configuration and hardware platforms, and in terms of user interfaces.  The changes have all been for the better and have been implemented successfully.  We made a major change in the Blackboard system beginning this semester.  We adopted...
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