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Windows Live Movie Maker: Burn a DVD

Returning to our long running Windows Live Movie Maker series (these posts and corresponding screen videos will be gathered into an online, self-paced workshop for next semester) here is the final in the series, how to burn a DVD from your Windows Live Movie Maker project. Windows DVD maker comes with Windows 7 Home Premium, Ultimate and Enterprise editions and can be invoked from within Windows Live Movie Maker.  After performing your edits, adding title and credit screens, text overlays, background music, transitions and video effects—in short, after completing your Windows Live Movie Maker project...
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Windows Live Movie Maker: Visual Effects

It is easy to add some very sophisticated visual effects to your still images and videos in Windows Live Movie Maker.  First, load the images and videos you wish to apply effects to.  Next, select the images or video by clicking (or shift/ctrl clicking a group).  Then go to the Visual Effects tab, pull down the video effects gallery, and click on an effect to apply it to the selected images/videos.  Visual effects applied to images and videos will stay in effect for the entire duration of the image/video and if it is a moving effect (like rotate 360 or 3d ripple) the duration of the effect will scale...
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Windows Live Movie Maker: Pan and Zoom Effects

Everyone knows what you mean when you say “Ken Burns effect.”  You mean viewing a static image as if it is a motion picture, the panning and zooming of the picture causing the illusion of motion.  Today’s post covers how to apply pan and zoom effects using Windows Live Movie Maker. Up front let me say that you do NOT have fine control over the zones in your pictures that get panned and zoomed to/from.  In a program previous to Windows Live Movie Maker, Microsoft’s PhotoStory 3, you had the ability to define pan and zoom regions, but no longer.  The design philosophy of the...
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Windows Live Movie Maker: Transitions

The discussion of transitions can be short and sweet.  Transitions are those cool video effects that can be placed between photos or video clips within Movie Maker.  In older versions of Movie Maker you had a timeline and could drag clips or photos so that they would overlap on the timeline to create cross fades and other effects.  Things are much simpler now.  Simply click between photos or clips in the storyboard pane, go to the Animations tab, select the transition you want (there are 72 to choose from) and click it.  That’s all, unless you want to 1) change its duration; or, 2) apply it to...
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Windows Live Movie Maker: Using Digital Photos

Today’s topic, as we continue our series on Windows Live Movie Maker, is using photos taken with a digital camera.  Actually, there is not much to using photos in Windows Live Movie Maker.  Once you have brought them into the project, by clicking the “Add Videos and Photos” command on the Home tab,” the only setting you can monkey with is the Duration setting, found on the Edit tab of the Video Tools tab (which will appear when the photo is selected—remember, even though your photos are still images, they are considered frames within a video).  The default is 7 seconds, which...
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