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Webcam Demo with Windows Live Movie Maker 2011

I thought before diving into step-by-step procedures, file formats, and the other how-tos we are going to be reviewing with Windows Movie Maker I would do something quick (5 minutes or less) and easy (just a couple of clicks) to accomplish one of the things a teacher might want to do with video.  That is, make a personal introduction or quickly review a key concept.  Let’s let the video do the talking. Here’s how it was done. First, you have to have a Windows 7 compatible webcam.  Mine is the Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision.  As you can see, not an HD webcam (the aspect ratio is 4:3, not...
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A Blackboard 9 – YouTube Mashup Problem

As of this writing (January 28, 2011) the YouTube Mashup tool in Blackboard version 9.1 (at least our implementation of it) is broken.  If you attempt to add a YouTube Mashup to a content area–or if your or your students attempt to add it through the visual textbox editor, you will receive the following error. It does not matter whether you attempt to find the YouTube video using search terms, or search directly on the video URL, you will receive this error.  End of story. It is pure speculation on our part–though perhaps not unfounded–but we believe the cause must be that YouTube...
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Convert Embedded YouTube to Thumbnail in Bb9

Here is the post I intended to blog on yesterday.  The video below describes how to take a YouTube video that you have embedded in a Blackboard content area as a full player–that is, where you have pasted the object code into Blackboard 8 so that they player displays in a content area and then have imported that content into Blackboard 9–and convert it to the new Blackboard 9 thumbnail view, which is a much better way to “embed” videos.  It is not really a matter of conversion as it is of recreation, as you will see: [vodpod...
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How to Embed aYouTube Video in Blackboard 9

Even though the Blackboard 9 Learning On-Demand web site has a pretty good video on embedding a YouTube video using the new mashup tool, I have decided to make my own.  Not because it needs more explanation or is particularly difficult, though a little more explanation is useful, but because what I really want to get at–and will post on tomorrow–is how to convert the already embedded YouTubes you have in your imported Bb 9 courses to the new thumbnail view, which I think is far superior to the old fully embedded view.  In order to get there, however, I felt that a foundational video on how...
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Create a video from your PowerPoint 2010 presentation

This post will briefly describe how to create a video from the new built-in tools in PowerPoint 2010.  There are other ways to get PowerPoint on the web, but since PowerPoint is meant to be a speaker’s aid, it is best that your narration and the movement associated with each slide–its animations, effects and transitions–be displayed to the online student via video. First, it goes without saying, create your PowerPoint presentation.  Open it in PowerPoint 2010.  If it was created with an older version of the program, click File > Convert to convert it to the new file format....
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