Audio Recorders

We recommend the use the the Olympus WS-700M, WS-600S, WS-321, WS-311M, WS-300M or WS-100 digital voice recorders.  Academic Technology checks out these digital recorders for faculty members wishing to make audio recordings.  Typically they are used to record lectures, which are then posted to Blackboard.  These recorders are USB devices that utilize flash RAM, meaning that you record digitally on them, and then connect them to your computer to transfer the files.

The WS-300 series and prior are excellent digital recorders that records in WMA (Windows Media Audio) format.  It is also a USB device that will plug directly into any USB port for file transfer. If you wish to convert your WMA files to the more universal MP3 format, we recommend the use of Any Audio Converter, a freeware utility.  If you do not wish to convert your files, but simply upload them to Blackboard or your web site, create a link nearby to Windows Media Components for Quicktime, so that students with Macs can play the files in Quicktime.  Alternatively, students with Macs can simply import the files to iTunes and they will be converted automatically.

The current version of the Olympus digital audio recorder is the WS-700M. Both the 700M and the WS-600S, record in WMA or MP3 format natively, so posting the MP3 file does not require conversion. Several are available for checkout.

Below are links to the documentation and manuals for the various voice recorders we have checked out over the years [PDF]:

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