Video Cameras

We have both Kodak and Flip hand held video cameras available for checkout. The Flips are older 4:3 aspect ratio cameras that record on internal flash memory. The Kodaks are 16:9 cameras that record on an SD card, but a couple of the Kodak models have built-in USB arms like the Flip, other models require the use of a USB cable. Tripods are also available for checkout. The image stabilization on these cameras is not great, so consider using a tripod for any non-casual project.

Kodak models available

We have the following models of Kodak Z-series hand-held camcorders available for checkout.  These camcorders take brilliant, 1080p or 720p video (30 or 60 fps).

  • 5 ea. Zi8 camcorders – the Zi8 is the only camcorder we check out that has a mic input through a 3.5mm input jack. ¬†They also have HDMI and USB arm out.
  • 2 ea. ZxD camcorders
  • 2 ea. PlaySport waterproof camcorders
  • 1 ea. PlayFull camcorder

Flip models available

We have 12 of the Flip Mino and 5 Flip Ultras avaialable for checkout. These models will record up to an hour of video. The Mino battery recharges via the USB connector. The Ultra uses AA batteries, also available from Academic Technology. Flip software runs on both PC and Mac and records in various formats, depending on how the data is transferred.

The Flip video camera is an easy-to-use, low-end video camera with all required software pre-installed on it. A simple setup program will install the software on the client computer the first time it is used and update, if necessary, through an Internet connection.

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