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At-Risk for Faculty & Staff

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At-Risk for College Faculty and Staff is an online professional development simulation designed to help faculty and staff build confidence, knowledge, and skills to best support students exhibiting signs of psychological distress. The program uses simulated conversations with virtual students to provide learners with hands-on practice in approaching students they are concerned about and, if necessary, how to refer them to support services.

Palomar College highly recommends that you take this 45 minute course, which is already in use at hundreds of colleges and universities. Professional development credit is available for this course. Please use PD code #16 or visit the PD website. There is a Certificate of Completion available once the training has been completed.

View a short video of At-Risk for Faculty & Staff:

To take the course, follow these instructions:

Course Descriptions:

At-Risk for Faculty & Staff

Teaches users to identify, approach and connect students to campus support services. The program facilitates student retention, academic performance, and the overall safety of students, faculty, and the entire campus community.

LGBTQ on Campus for Faculty & Staff

Helps create a more tolerant and inclusive campus for all students. Users gain hands-on practice managing the challenging conversations surrounding issues of sexual orientation and gender identity, and master skills necessary to connecting students to help.

Veterans on Campus for Faculty & Staff

Helps faculty and staff in understanding the needs, experiences and cultural issues affecting student veterans as they transition to college life. This program also teaches users how to recognize signs of distress and connect veterans to appropriate campus resources.

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