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Preparation for survival within the global economy. Topics such as small business management, managerial theory, international business, and marketing represent several important class components. Includes strong career guidance component

MW 9:00-12:50 pmTH 5:30-9:20 pm
Room: MD 332Room: MD 329




BUS 173 Job Search 2nd 8 weeks, Palomar College Business Administration, Section # 33064

“The Last Little Job Finding Manual You’ll Ever Need” is the name of the textbook that you will be using to prepare your portfolio for a summer job, internship, or the career job you will be applying for upon transfer and graduation.

Your professor, Jackie Martin,will teach you interviewing skills, resume writing skills and portfolio building skills.  I can promise that each of you will greatly enhance your chance of receiving the all important interview and will be excited to see how the skills that you learn in class benefit you in the interview process. Often students interview and are offered jobs just a few weeks into the class!

Students often say, upon taking the course, that it is something that should be required of every student! You will enjoy exploring with me and other students, your career options and aspirations, as I show you where to search for jobs, the qualifications that employers are really seeking and the pay ranges of the job you are seeking now. You will also learn how job options and salary changes as you progress in this career. You will network with fellow students, learn about the technology skills that you need to succeed in today’s technology-driven market, and also learn about basic skills test that you will taking when you interview.

You’ll also learn how to create an electronic portfolio in PowerPoint or on the internet, as well as create a LinkedIn profile or improve the one that you already have!

Make sure you sign up for this one unit course now! It is the best educational time and money that you will ever spend! Promise!

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Surveys international organizations’ basic elements for developing markets. Analyzes the market design and the techniques necessary to develop business within selected regions of the world. Discusses the impact due to differences in customs, languages, attitudes, and culture
Units: 3
Instructor: A. Armistead
Dates:    01-12 to 05-18-15
Time:     Tuesday 6:30 to 9:20 pm
Room:    MD-332
Recommended preparation: IBUS 100
Transfer acceptability: CSU
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Keyboarding, the key to your future!

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Enroll in a hands-on, interactive and practical skills class These keyboarding courses on the computer include:

  •  Introduction to computer hardware and software.
  •  Practice of good keyboarding techniques.
  •  Touch typing of alphabetic keyboard.
  •  Location and correct fingering of numeric, symbol, and punctuation keys.
  •  Basic document formatting on Word 2013
  •  Development of proofreading skills.


Introduction to Office Information Systems–BUS 120

120Are you afraid of new technology? Or, do you think you need a computer geek?

All you need to know about hardware components, software applications, electronic communication, and networking is covered in  INTRODUCTION TO OFFICE INFORMATION SYSTEMS (BUS 120  formerly OIS 120)—a great course to begin your computer learning!

Enroll in BUS 120 for hands-on training which includes:

  • The computer Industry: history, careers, and ethics
  • Computer and digital basics
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Operating systems and file management
  • Networking basics
  • The Internet, Web, and Email
  • Digital media
  • Information systems analysis and design
  • Databases
  • Basics of computer programming
  • Analysis of the role of information technology in the workplace

At the end of the semester, you may be eligible to take the IC3 Digital Literacy Certification for FREE!

Section:  32603
Date/Time: Monday 6-8:50 pm 01/12—05/18/2015
Instructor:    Nancy March  nmarch@palomar.edu
Room: MD-335
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