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Enroll in BUS 136/FCS 136 – Personal Finance and become eligible to WIN PRIZES!!!

Students pursuing an Associate in Science for Transfer in Business degree (AS-T Business) may now take BUS 136, Personal Finance, to meet the Area E requirement, beginning Fall 2015. Please consult your Palomar counselor for further information about this requirement.

Learn how to develop successful financial skills that will have an immediate and future impact on your life and increase your chances for achieving long-term financial security!

Some of the areas that will be covered in the course are:

• Money management/budgeting
• Introduction to personal income taxation
• Comparison of banks and other financial institutions and the services they provide
• Assessing the different types of consumer credit, including credit cards and loans
• Strategies for getting a good deal when purchasing or leasing an automobile
• Selecting and financing housing
• Strategies for purchasing different types of insurance:
 Homeowners/renters
 Automobile
 Health
 Disability
 Life
• Stocks, bonds and mutual funds, including participation in a simulated investment game where prizes will be awarded to the winners
• Retirement and estate planning
• Time value of money concepts
• Movie day, including refreshments!
• And many more….!!!

The course will be taught by Joel Glassman, CPA, CFP®. If you have any questions about the course, please contact Joel at jglassman@palomar.edu or
(760) 744-1150 x2500.



Receive full credit in just 6 weeks (June 15 to July 23)


Preparation for survival within the global economy. Topics such as small business management, managerial theory, international business, and marketing represent several important class components. Includes strong career guidance component

MW 9:00-12:50 pmTH 5:30-9:20 pm
Room: MD 332Room: MD 329




BUS 173 Job Search 2nd 8 weeks, Palomar College Business Administration, Section # 33064

“The Last Little Job Finding Manual You’ll Ever Need” is the name of the textbook that you will be using to prepare your portfolio for a summer job, internship, or the career job you will be applying for upon transfer and graduation.

Your professor, Jackie Martin,will teach you interviewing skills, resume writing skills and portfolio building skills.  I can promise that each of you will greatly enhance your chance of receiving the all important interview and will be excited to see how the skills that you learn in class benefit you in the interview process. Often students interview and are offered jobs just a few weeks into the class!

Students often say, upon taking the course, that it is something that should be required of every student! You will enjoy exploring with me and other students, your career options and aspirations, as I show you where to search for jobs, the qualifications that employers are really seeking and the pay ranges of the job you are seeking now. You will also learn how job options and salary changes as you progress in this career. You will network with fellow students, learn about the technology skills that you need to succeed in today’s technology-driven market, and also learn about basic skills test that you will taking when you interview.

You’ll also learn how to create an electronic portfolio in PowerPoint or on the internet, as well as create a LinkedIn profile or improve the one that you already have!

Make sure you sign up for this one unit course now! It is the best educational time and money that you will ever spend! Promise!

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