Student Internship Opportunities for this Summer 2016!

The Palomar College Career Center is excited to notify you of great summer internship opportunities. If you would like to learn more about the requirements and how to connect to the internships below, contact Erick Briggs ASAP at with your resume to learn about our internship program. The below internships are flexible and part-time. Don’t see an internship that interests you below? Contact Erick to find out more about the internship program and connecting with additional employers not on this list.


Rosie Antonecchia

Career Center Director

Palomar College


Enroll in the Legal Studies program at Palomar College

The Legal Studies field is one of the fastest growing in San Diego County through the year 2020, according the Occupational Outlook Handbook data below.


See available space in the following classes for SPRING 2016

LS 26132573
6:30--9:20 pm
MD-329Marie E Wood
LS 29031952
6:00--8:50 pm
MD-329Pamela Frances Kleinkauf
LS 14531455
9:00--11:50 am
MD-329Jennifer A Carver

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