The Business program in the Business Administration Department at Palomar College offers the following programs of study:

  • Administrative Assistant (AS | CA): This program is designed to prepare the student for an entry level or higher office position and reflects significant changes in the level of preparedness in Digital Information Literacy that is required to enter business and industry.
  • Advertising, Marketing, and Merchandising (AS | CA): This program is designed to provide a general academic background of coursework pertinent to entry-level employment and/or upper division education in the field of product or service distribution.
  • Business Administration (AS):The Associate in Science in Business Administration two-year degree provides skills necessary for entry-level positions in the field of business.
  • Business-General (AS): This program is primarily designed for students who are seeking an overview of business educational opportunities prior to a career commitment in a particular area.
  • E-Business (CP): Provides a program, which prepares students in the basic skills necessary to use e-commerce in an ever changing and competitive entrepreneurial market.
  • E-Marketing (AA | CA): This program combines business skills in marketing and advertising with technical skills in web design and digital media production. Students will gain a working knowledge of Web 2.0 techniques used in e-marketing such as digital media design, search engine optimization, social networking, and other methods of creating digital content for driving website traffic.
  • Medical Office Specialist (AS): Provides specific front office skills for an entry level position in a medical-related facility.
  • Retail Management (CA): A comprehensive program designed to prepare current and future retail employees for the fast paced challenges in a competitive retail environment. This certificate has been endorsed by the Western Association of Food Chains and its member companies.

For program requirements and course offerings consult the Business section (PDF) of the current Palomar College Catalog or contact the program’s advisor, Mary Cassoni, at or (760) 744-1150 x2491.