Welcome to Our Program!

Palomar College San Marcos Campus Child Development Center is licensed for 100 children, ages 18 months to 5 years.  The Palomar College Escondido Campus Center is licensed for 44 children, ages 3-5 years.  Services are available to children of Palomar College Students, Faculty, and Staff, and to children of Community Parents.  Subsidized services are provided to the children of Palomar College Students, and to the children of any family within the community, who qualify / meet the guidelines set forth by the State of California, based on family size and income.

The Center is operated on a non-discriminatory basis, giving equal treatment and access to services, without regard to race, creed, color, sex, religion, national origin or ancestry.

The Center policy states, “Program services and activities for enrolled families shall refrain from religious instruction, worship or practices.”

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Palomar Community College District Child Development Center welcomes the enrollment of children with disabilities and will provide reasonable accommodation whenever possible to aid access to and participation in services programs, facilities, and activities.

Our Teaching Staff are Permitted through the California Department of Education Credentials Office and are trained Child Development Specialists. Each class room has either a site supervisor or a master teacher. The Centers serve as Lab schools for the Child Development Department students and students of other studies on campus.

Each teacher develops a balanced, developmentally appropriate and flexible program to meet the needs of children in his/her classroom. Our program follows the research findings of Jean Piaget and other noted Child Development experts. They state that children of this age need to be active in their learning environment, experiencing the world with all of their senses through “hands on” concrete experiences in order to assimilate the information.

The curriculum is planned to be appropriate for the age span of the children within the group and is implemented with the attention to the different needs, interests, and developmental levels of each child. Opportunities to explore, investigate, manipulate, observe and discover in the following areas of curriculum; physical development (includes games and activities that foster physical development) dramatic play, language and literacy (story telling and dramatizing) science, math, art, music/movement, nutrition, circle time (includes interaction and sharing) social and waterplay.

We respect each child’s individuality and uniqueness. We believe that growth takes place in orderly sequences, one stage following another. We believe that development of the whole child depends on appropriate physical, mental and social nourishment supplied by the home, school, and community; and that play, both formal and organized, is significant to intellectual growth. We believe it is important for a child to have a pleasant childhood and a good beginning toward a successful life.