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Welcome to Palomar College’s Online Curriculum Home!

All curriculum tasks are handled in Palomar’s CurricUNET database.  For more information or to obtain your password, contact Cheryl Kearse at ext. 2256 or

Palomar’s CurricUNET 

Click below to see the 2013-2014 Curriculum Committee Timeline and Schedule of meetings.

2014-15 Final Curriculum Committee Timeline

Contact the people below with questions about curriculum-related matters at Palomar College.

Curriculum Writing & Training
Co-Chair Rocco Versaci – ext. 2971
Co-Chair Berta Cuaron – ext. 2246
Greg Larson – ext. 3642

CurricUNET/Technical  Questions
Cheryl Kearse – ext. 2256
Diane Veach – ext. 2248


  1. Cheryl Kearse
    July 21, 2014    

    Hello Rosemarie,

    You can receive more information about Nursing at the following webpage,, or by calling 760-744-1150 ext. 2580.

    Cheryl Kearse

  2. RosemarieWoods
    July 20, 2014    

    I would like to know more about your vocational nursing program .

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