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2013-2014 Palomar College Catalog
An electronic version of the 2013-2014 catalog is located at the link above.  Full-time faculty may pick up a catalog from the mailroom.  We will also be distributing them at the Fall Plenary.

Students may purchase catalogs from the Bookstore for $8.00.

Contact Cheryl Kearse at ext. 2256 for more information.

2014-2015 Catalog Proof

Use the links below to access sections of the 2014-2015 catalog for proofing.

1b_General_Info 2014-15 FV1
2_Adm_Reg 2014-15 FV1
3_Student_Svcs 2014-15 FV1
4_Rights_Resp 2014-15 FV1
5_Academic_Regs 2014-15 FV1
6_Grad_Transfer 2014-15 FV1
7_AAT_AST_Transfer 2014-15 FV1
8a_Disciplines_Prog 2014-15 FV1
8b_Prog_Courses General Studies 2014-15 FV1
8b_Prog_Courses University Studies 2014-15 FV1
11_GlossaryOnly 2014-15 FV1
Section Faculty Emerti 2014-15
Section Acad Assignments2014-2015_CW