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Agendas & Minutes

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2013-14 Curriculum Committee Timeline


2013-2014 Curriculum Committee Agendas and Approved Minutes

Minutes will not be posted until approved by the Curriculum Committee.

Meeting Date
Approved Minutes
August 28, 2013Agenda 8.28.2013Minutes-FINAL-8.28.2013.pdf
September 4, 2013Agenda 9.4.20139.4.2013 FINAL Curriculum Minutes
September 18, 20139.18.2013 Curriculum Agenda9.18.2013 FINAL Curriculum Minutes
October 2, 2013Agenda Curriculum Committee 10.2.201310.2.2013 FINAL Curriculum Minutes
October 16, 2013Curriculum Committee Agenda 10.16.201310.16.2013 FINAL Curriculum Minutes
November 6, 201311.6.2013 Curriculum Agenda11.6.2013 FINAL Curriculum Minutes
November 20, 2013Agenda Curriculum Committee 11.20.201311.20.2013 FINAL Curriculum Minutes
December 4, 2013Curriculum Committee Agenda 12.4.1312.4.2013 FINAL Curriculum Minutes
January 15, 2014Agenda.Curriculum Committee 1.15.20131.15.2014 FINAL Curriculum Minutes
February 5, 20142.5.2014 Curriculum Agenda2.5.2014 FINAL Curriculum Minutes
February 19, 20142.19.2014 Curriculum AgendaCurriculum Minutes 2.19.14
March 5, 20143.5.2014 Curriculum Agenda3.5.2014 Curriculum Minutes
April 2, 20144.2.2014 Curriculum Agenda4.2.2014 Curriculum Minutes
April 16, 20144.16.2014 Curriculum Agenda4.16.2014 Curriculum Minutes
May 7, 20145.7.2014 Curriculum Agenda

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