Welcome to Dashboard

Dashboard is a set of interactive lessons designed to teach students how to use information ethically and accurately.  Palomar Faculty have two options for assigning these lessons to students.  Click here for more details.  The Dashboard team is currently working on three more Dashboard lessons that will teach students how to find and evaluate information.

Below is a sample screen shot of a Dashboard lesson :

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 12.53.52 PM

Each lesson begins with the same ‘Get Started’ information that provides important instructions for viewing and navigating through the lesson.  The Get Started section is followed by a specific lesson on how to use information.  These interactive lessons provide students with opportunities to practice and assess their understanding of the concepts, processes, and procedures introduced throughout the lessons.

If you have questions or feedback about Dashboard, please email dashboard@palomar.edu

Enjoy the road and research responsibly,

Palomar College Dashboard Team

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