Linking to a PDF file and Inserting an Image in WordPress









 Click the link to download a pdf flyer of this class:  Anth137MedicalAnthropology

1. Create a page and name it.
2. Click the Insert Media button > Click Upload Files
3. Click “Select Files” (Type a short Description – Ex. Anth 137 flyer) Select the files you want to upload.
4. Click “Insert into Post”



Creating links in a New Post in WordPress 3.4

1. Type and select the text or select an image that will be used as a link object.
2. Select and copy the URL from your browser or you can type it into the URL link box window later.
3. Click the link button in the above edit menu. (looks like a link in a chain) “Insert/edit link” button (Alt + Shift + A) Menu icon link button
4. An “Insert/edit link” window will appear. Paste or type the URL into the URL link box. example:  or type it in the link box.
Type in a Title (name the link) example: Palomar College
*You can check the “Open link in a new window/tab” so that the website opens in a separte window of its own.
*You can also click the “Or link to existing content” on your WordPress site.
5. Click the “Add Link” button when you are finish editing the link.
6. Click the the “Preview” to see if everything is working.
7. You can now “Save Draft” or “Publish”

Note: There is an “Unlink” (Alt + Shift + S) on the left of the “Insert/edit link” button


Opening website in Expression Web

Here is a pdf file about opening your website using Microsoft Expression Web.


Consumer Protection

Visit’s Consumer Protection section to learn about the national Do Not Call Registry. This area of also has information on filing a consumer complaint.