Emergency Medical Education


  1. I am very interested in getting my emt cert
    my uncle is an emt and was cal fire/amr for 11 years so I know a little
    just looking for info in enrollment and where to start

    • Thank you for interest in our program.

      To become an EMT, you only need two classes. They are both regular credit classes at Palomar College. Therefore, you do not need a special or separate application for these classes.

      The first class is EME 100 (First Responder). This course costs around $300.00 including books, parking and other fees.

      After you pass that class with a grade of “B” or higher, you may take the EME 106 and 106L classes (EMT class.) We offer these classes every semester including summer. The cost of these courses totals about $550.00 including books, parking and other fees.

      To become a Paramedic…
      To be eligible you must be a high school graduate or equivalent. Be an
      EMT-B and work in the field (pre-hospital experience) with at least six months of full time paid experience (1040 hours) and complete a college level Anatomy & Physiology (ZOO-145) and the Paramedic Prep (EME-175& 175L) classes. The Paramedic Program is by special application and you must undergo a testing and interview process. If you meet all qualifications, You can pick up an application packet in EME office or download from the website.

      Contact the Admissions Office or visit the Palomar College web site (www.palomar.edu) for information on how to enroll.

      Good Luck.

  2. Hello.

    Thank you for your interest in our program.

    All grants and financial aid questions should be sent to the Financial Aid Office.

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