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International Education Advisory Committee


Dr Kendyl L Magnuson, Senior Director of Enrollment Services
Carol Lowther, Faculty  (2015-2017)
Sharet Garcia, Counseling (2017-2019)
Kathleen Sheahan, Faculty – ESL Dept (2016-2018)
Yasue O’Neill, Coordinator, International Education
International Student Advisor
Classified Unit Employee

Meetings: As needed.

The International Education Advisory Committee makes recommendations regarding the overall
international education program. It reviews admission procedures in light of various laws, rules, and
regulations governing international students and designs appropriate instructional programs to meet the
needs of international students. It also recommends policies and procedures for study abroad programs.


Last modified on May 23, 2017

Due to COVID-19:

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Fax: 760-761-3536

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Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.

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