Important Dates & Deadlines



Enrollment fees are due at the time of registration. If fees are not paid within 10 calendar days, classes will be dropped.


  • June 2               EOPS Summer Counseling Contacts Begin
  • June 16            CARE Summer Counseling Contacts Begin
  • June 17            Deadline to submit Disqualification Review Request
  • June 19            Deadline to submit CARE Continuing Student Online Orientation
  • June 19            Deadline to attend CARE Summer Counseling Contact


  • July 1               First Day to submit Fall EOPS/CARE Application
  • July 1               Fall Priority Registration
  • July 7               Deadline to receive pending Summer EOPS Application documents
  • July 10            Last Summer New CalWORKs Student Orientations
  • July 14            Last Summer New EOPS Student Orientations
  • July 21            Continuing students can start making Counseling Appointments
  • July 24            Deadline for Summer EOPS Counseling Contacts
  • July 28            EOPS/CARE Fall Counseling Contacts Begin


Students have 48 hours to make an appointment with an EOPS Counselor after their New Student Orientation has been completed.