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Withdrawal Information

Official Withdrawal – Students must drop classes by using their eServices account.  Students can drop with a ‘W’ grade up to the 50% date of the course.  Refer to the class schedule for dates and deadlines.  Students wishing to drop with a ‘W’ grade after the 50% date must petition with the Records Office and provide documentation of an extenuating circumstance.

Unofficial Withdrawal – Students who simply stop attending class and do not drop through eServices have unofficially withdrawn.  These students may receive an ‘F’ or ‘FW’ grade in every class they stop attending.

Administrative Withdrawal – Administrative withdrawals may occur for academic or disciplinary reasons, or for non-payment of fees.  If the administrative withdrawal occurs after the refund period, the student will not be entitled to a refund or waiver of registration fees.


More information about course registration regulations can be found in the College Catalog:


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